Out of the box WHMCS uses very ugly and retro emails with simply a logo on top and text underneath. Email is vital for any web hosting reseller business. Thankfully there is WHMCS Email Templates available that will instantly enhance your WHMCS system emails.

This website contains a collection of premium HTML Email Templates for WHMCS.

Flex Mail - Responsive*

WHMCS Email Template features:

  • Responsive* - This Email Template will respond to fit modern devices such as smart phones (iPhone) and tablets (iPad).
  • Bold Header For Branding - This Email Template comes with a bold header which features a easy to edit background color and automatic integration of your logo (WHMCS).
  • Email Preview Text - This section of text looks good but also serves the purpose of being used by certain email readers such as the iPhone as a preview of the email.
  • Call To Action Banners - 2 and 1 column banners allow you to promote the most important products/services/areas on your website.
  • Footer Menu - This menu resembles what you would see on a website, it allows you to link to important pages of your website, they also adjust for mobile devices so they are more bold.
  • Social Integration - Social networks are vital to your business, we've integrated Facebook, Twitter and YouTube directly in this Email Template to help you gain followers.
  • Address Integration - In some countries it's a legal requirement to have your address on any emails sent, this integration solves this beautifully.
  • Legal Text With Unsubscribe Link - At the bottom of this Email Template we've added a legal requirement link including a unsubscribe link.
  • Light-Weight Email - Thanks to the .gif format of the header graphic the email is very lightweight.
  • Non-Compatibility Link - There is a link at the top of the template which goes to your WHMCS client area emails page allowing your visitors to read via their browser instead.
  • Fully Customizable - This Email Template is fully customizable from the content all the way to the header graphic.